A self-care subscription box for the caregivers of loved ones with dementia

Together, we can take care of our caregivers

Are you caring for a family member and feeling overwhelmed? Or maybe you know a caregiver who’s struggling to cope? The Forget Me Not Box is here to help! Join us as we build a community to support the everyday heroes who look after their loved ones at home. Dementia takes away so much…but now we can give something back!  

Our Mission


We make it easy to support dementia caregivers by offering a combination of practical and restorative items, packaged with empathy, in a self-care subscription box.

Our Motivation


Research shows that dementia caregivers are more likely to experience depression, substance abuse, and other health issues. When it comes to caregiving, “going solo” is a no-go. 

Our Inspiration


We know how challenging it is to be a caregiver because we’ve been there. Practicing self-care is crucial, but it can feel impossible when you’re laser-focused on a loved one. Together, we can help!

How does the subscription work?

Purchase a single box, or support a caregiver’s well-being (possibly your own!) with a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription. Need more details? Check out our FAQ page to get the full scoop on your Forget Me Not Box.

What’s inside the box?

Our team hand-packs each box with artisanal items, mainly sourced from small Colorado businesses. We’re Denver-based, and we believe in supporting local, sustainable goods whenever possible. 

Every month, your Forget Me Not Box will include between 5 and 7 unique items from the following categories:

  • Aromatherapy — vital for stress relief and relaxation
  • Inspiration — mood-boosting food for the soul
  • Soup & Crackers — comforting food for the body
  • Hydration — essential, yet frequently overlooked
  • Healthy Snack — nutrient-dense and delicious
  • Notepad — written prompts that encourage healing

A note from our founder, Ann

I know firsthand how challenging it is to care for a loved one with dementia. My husband, Tom, was just 47 years old when he was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, and it was the biggest challenge our family had ever faced. My hope is that each Forget Me Not Box will remind a brave person that they’re not alone on their journey. 

Will you join our community?